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Medicare/Social Security.

My Retirement 123 / Medicare/Social Security

Educating today’s worker about tomorrow’s retirement.

We would like to schedule an appointment with you and introduce you to a series of free reports. These reports can help answer questions that you may have as you prepare for the life-long dream of retirement.

Social Security – When to take benefits—How benefits are taxed – How the window benefit works. We offer a free Social Security report that can help answer questions related to Social Security. Visit www.kbouchard.sswise.com for more information.

Medicare – Trying to understand the complexities of Medicare can lead to a lot of confusion. We teach people the different parts of Medicare (Parts A, B, C, D) and the differences between 10 Medi- care supplemental plans (A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, N).

Income Planning – We use process called, “Defining Retirement” that can help you identify your retirement lifestyle goals. This process looks at all areas of spending including how to evaluate healthcare cost on an annual basis. We believe this is one of the most overlooked areas of retirement income planning.

Defensive Portfolio Management – We want to introduce you to a defensive, tactically managed approach to portfolio management. To help reduce portfolio risk in todays environment, we believe a portion of your portfolio should incorporate a “go to cash” plan to help remove downside risk in a down market environment.

Identifying Portfolio Risk – We offer two free reports that can help identify portfolio risk. The first report shows you the maximum drawdown of a registered investment. Max drawdown is the maxi- mum loss from a market peak to the market trough and is an indicator of downside risk.

Portfolio Risk Score – Every investor has a risk tolerance and every investment has a risk score. The risk scale runs from 1 to 99, and the S&P 500 has a score of 78. The second report we offer ob- jectively scores your portfolio risk. The patented risk program we use won the Nobel Prize for eco- nomics for its ability to calculate true risk tolerance. If you are taking too much risk, when would you want to know?

Why – We are asked why we do these reports at no cost? The answer is simple. We want a chance to earn your business by displaying a comprehensive plan in todays complex world. We are often told that is one of the most informative meetings a person can have on retirement planning.

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